Not sure how to measure your Puggie for that pawfect fit?

Shortly, we’re adding a PAWESOME new feature to our website soon to help you find your pawfect fit the first time, and all you need is your Chest, Neck, Back and Height measurements.

So for those Puggies out there that don't have their measurements already, and are not too sure how to do it this short guide will walk your Hooman through where to measure so you're prepared for when the measurement tool is released on the website.

The key point to remember is that your measurements don’t have to be exact, most clothing have a 2-3 cm variance, so you have some leeway.
Measuring your Puggie can be difficult if you have a Puggie who cannot sit or stand still for a few minutes, therefore it is highly recommended that you get help from someone who can hold your Puggie whilst you measure. Alternatively, if you don’t have help available, you could put your Puggie on a table or in the laundry sink to restrict movement whilst you measure.

Although getting all measurements are handy when choosing your Puggies clothing and accessories, the priority order in which you should get your measurements is:

  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Length
  • Height

As a general guide to measuring each position, have the tape measure ready between your two hands so that you can quickly and gently put it in place and measure by joining your two hands together, then mark the cross-over position that the tape end marks on the tape with your thumb nail.
Then drop the tape end not marked with your thumb nail and note down the number of centimetres on the measuring tape marked by your thumb nail for each position, and you're ready for the measuring tool release.

To get an accurate chest measurement, use the area directly behind the front legs as the general guide to where the tape should sit for the measurement.

Tip: This measurement can be done relatively quickly by marking 50cm out on the tape with your thumb nail before looping the tape around your Puggies chest, and then slide your thumb out along the tape until it meets the loose end

To get an accurate neck measurement, remove your Puggies collar and use the area where the collar would normally sit around their neck as the general guide to where the tape measure should go.

Tip: Don’t pull the tape too tight when measuring the neck to make sure that you get a measurement that will translate into a comfortable fit for clothing
For the Back length, start from the collar position on the back of the neck and stretch the tape down the length of your Puggies back until it touches the bottom of the tail.

Tip: This measurement can be done relatively quickly by marking 35cm out on the tape with your thumb nail before placing against your Puggies back and then slide your thumb out to meet the tail.

And finally, for the height you’ll need to get your Puggie to stand for approx. 30 seconds. Start measuring from the collar and stretch the tape down the length of your Puggies leg until it touches the ground.

* For our helmet products that require a head circumference to gauge size, use the following guidance:

For the head, loop the measuring tape into a circle at about the 35-40cm mark and sit on top of the head of your Puggie to judge if it sits above the eye line and ears, adjusting the loop in or out as required to get the right fit.

We hope this post has been helpful in guiding your Hooman on how to get your measurements for your pawfect fit, but If you're still not sure what to do, then watch this video to see how we do it.

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