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How to shop for your Pug when you’re looking for that pawfect Jacket

Haylo Puggies,

Last year I shared with you our tips and tricks for shopping for your Pug when you wanted to buy a t-shirt or dress, because we know how frustrating it is when you buy an adorable outfit online only to find that it doesn’t fit when it arrives at your doorstep the week before the party. If you haven’t read those articles, I’ve provided the links below.

Today we’re adding to the wardrobe, YEAH! And I’m going to share with you what we look for when we shop for a Jacket. As alluded to previously, when I am shopping I have a few basic criteria that I use when considering a product for the store or for one of my fur-babies personal wardrobe (life is tough in my house I tell you!); size chart measurements, materials, design, and colour options.

Handy Hint: Make sure to confirm the measurements of your little Supermodel, so you have as accurate a guide as possible when choosing your next purchase. If you’re unsure about measuring your Pug correctly, check out our video.

Typically, when I am shopping for any product, I am looking for a snug fit at the torso without causing undue discomfort to the Pug around the chest and neck on dressing or wearing, which takes a little judgement and knowing what to look for on the product page:

Graphic: Questions to ask when shopping for the Pawfect Jacket

Size Chart Measurements – when looking at size charts, unlike “typical dog breed” sizing that uses the (back) length as the primary guiding size, a Pug’s guiding size is its chest, then neck and finally length. I have found that if the only measurement available on the product page is the length, the Jacket will not fit your Pug’s chest.

This may mean that to get the right fit around your Pugs chest, the back length of the Jacket will cover their tail which you may need to take into account if your Pug prefers “tail out”. I have found that an average Pug’s length is 35-40cm for a male and 30-35 cm for a female, so I look for fit at the chest with this corresponding length; this also generally ensures that the front of the Jacket does not get in the way when the Pug is going to the toilet as the front is usually proportional to the length.

Materials – Jackets generally come in materials/fabrics that are either water-repellent or proof and therefore do not have a lot of stretch, or they are faux-fur lined or heavy-duty such as denim, so may have a little stretch but not nearly as much as you would in a t-shirt or dress. 

Jacket securing methods can be zip, button, press-stud or velcro; all are good options for keeping the Jacket closed and all have pros and cons when dressing your Pug; if your Pug is a squirmer then velcro or press-studs may be a better option.

Design (neck and sleeve holes) – Be wary of neck holes that are extra wide, they can slide down the shoulders of your Puggie and become uncomfortable, so check the product photos that have the Jacket on a dog and see where it sits to determine if it’s going to be a problem for your Pug.

Jackets can come with or without sleeves and really is a personal preference if you want to purchase a particular style.

*Note that Jackets with sleeves can be a problem if your Pug has shorter than average legs because the sleeve will get in the way when walking, even if you roll it up. It is difficult to determine if that is going to be a problem for your Pug, but look at the product photos and see how far down the leg the sleeve goes to make a judgement call.

Design (waist band) – Some Jackets have an elastic waistband which will gather the material up against the body better and won’t get in the way. The best way to judge this is to look at the product photos for gathering on the front of the Jacket, as well as how it sits on the model. If the Jacket is hanging under the body there is a good change there is no gathering, if it sits against the body then there is a good chance that there is some form of gathering, or the Jacket is designed to fit snug.


Picture: Pug Supermodel Mia in a Pink Duffle Coat

Potential stretch – if the product description does not describe the material/fabric stretch or it is not in the product title, such as ‘stretch denim’, then assume there is little to no give in the fabric to be conservative.

We have provided a guide on the different types of fabric used in dog clothing below and their typical stretch profile to help you when reading product descriptions;this is a guide only, fabric has many different varieties and each has their own characteristics, I’m calling out the commonly used.

Handy Hint: The important thing to remember is that if the material has any give, or stretch, it will typically have the stretch across the chest, but I recommend that you do not rely on this when choosing your Pugs Jacket size

Product Model - Do the product photos have the Jacket on a Pug or even a Frenchie so you can judge how it fits and sits on the body? If it is a small dog (i.e. chihuahua) or a large dog (i.e. Golden Retriever) there is a chance that the Jacket won’t fit your Pug properly because it has been designed and manufactured to fit the “typical” dog size; it may require you to make a judgement call when purchasing.

Handy hint: Don't forget to check the return policy on the website to be sure that you can return the Jacket if you find the fit is wrong, and what you have to do to be eligible for another size to be delivered. At Pug Parties we understand your frustration when you realise that you ordered the wrong size which is why we’re always happy to sort it out with you, and you can see our return policy here.

 Other questions I ask myself as I am browsing -

  1. Does the title description of the product include a size description of ‘medium sized dog’? Small dog description usually means Chihuahua sized
  2. Does the product description tell you about the material and its give?
  3. How high is the neck? A Jacket with a high or narrow neck hole can be too small for your Puggies neck; double check the size chart and product description
  4. Is it harness friendly? Can I put a harness over the top and still be comfortable for your Pug, or is there a collar hole or harness hole that allows you to put the Jacket over the top?


Picture: Pug Supermodel Oscar in a Faux-fur Denim Jacket

Unfortunately, with the way Jackets are designed it is difficult to make simple adjustments to make the fit better. But don’t forget if all else fails and the Jacket doesn’t fit and it can’t be returned, consider giving the Jacket to a fellow dog at play group or to a Rescue Organisation who can add it to their care packages when a they find their fur-ever home.

Sometimes trial and error is the only way to find the right outfit for your little Supermodel, but hopefully our tips and tricks make that process less hit and miss. I’d love to hear from other Pug-parents on their shopping experiences, tell us a tip or trick that you use to shop for your Pug that has or hasn’t worked.

Share with the rest of the Grumble below we'd love to chat with you and we always respond.

Until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and look forward to snuffling with you soon. 


From Donna and Charles

Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodel 

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 Infographic on Fabric Stretch


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