Fawn male Pugalier in a bowtie collar

Meet the Pugalier; learn all about the beauty of a Pug and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in one loveable package

Haylo Puggies,

A few months ago, I highlighted a fun Pug fact in our Grumble Newsletter about the number of Pug mixes available for loving (my count 52) and we had a wonderful response from some very loving Pawrents about their Pug mix fur-child; discussing what traits were retained from the Pug side and what traits were retained from the other breed. Totally fascinating and fun all at the same time!

If you hadn’t guessed by now, we love Pugs of all shapes and sizes, Pug mixes …… friends of Pugs... (basically, all fur-children) here at Pug Parties and we thought that this year we could occasionally delve a little deeper into the world of Pug mixes to get to know them better; especially since some of our Pug Supermodels are Pug mixes themselves!

With that in mind, I chose our Pug Supermodels Benny, Bella and Gerald as our first Pug-mix to learn more about as the Pugalier’s of our Supermodel Grumble; Pugaliers are Pugs crossed with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Both breeds are historically associated with royalty in their own right so is it any wonder that they get to be first!

Pug and cavalier king charles spaniel

Photo source: Pug photo by Guillaume LORAIN on Unsplash, Cavalier Photo by Mitchell Gaiser on Unsplash

All three are Pugalier’s and as you can see from their photos, each Puggie has unique personalities. But before we revel in their pawsomeness, I wanted to have a look at the bred itself to gain an appreciation of who they are.

Black female Pugalier, Fawn male Pugalier and fawn male pugalier three photo grid

Picture: Bella, Benny and Gerald

It is reported that the Pugalier was introduced in 1980-90s to provide a breed that had reduced health issues (such as the Pug’s respiratory issues) as well as another well-known but laughed about bonus, reduced shedding ….. from my experience with our Supermodels, you will still require regular brushing but who can say no to some Mummy-Puppy quality-time every now and again.

By combining the ‘bold personality of the Pug with the gentle nature of the Cavalier’ a Puglier is ‘inquisitive, eager to please, highly entertaining, and thrives on human companionship’; meaning they’re fabulous life-long friends to children and wonderful companions to adults (ref 1).

Pug, Pugalier and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel temperament comparison chart

Recognising a Pugalier is fairly simple with the traditional Pugalier colouring being a fawn body and face with a dark, almost black muzzle, and a white marking on their body; our handsome Benny is a prime example of this colouring combination.

That’s not to say that a Puglier won’t inherit other colourings from the Cavalier side of the family tree with Bella, our beauty having a black coat with the some white markings. And then you have Gerald, who has the lighter Pug colouring but more of a Cavalier face; all gorgeous and all loveable in their own right!

But don’t take my word for it, this is what Mel (Pawrent to Benny and Bella) and Lynne (Pawrent to Gerald) had to say about their Puggies and what it’s like a Pugalier-pawrent.

Mel on Benny and Bella

What do you love most about Benny?

His handsomeness; I tell him he’s handsome multiple times a day! I also love that he is very calm for dog of his age.

fawn male pugalier with a comic bowtie

What do you love most about Bella?

After losing my last Pug I decided I wanted a black pug this time round, but when I visited the local breeder and saw Bella there was no going back. 

Bella was our first Pugalier and it was love at first sight with her beautiful black coat, lovely eyes and dash of white on her chin.

Black female pugalier wearing a pink bandana

Which breed do you think Benny is more like; Pug or Cavalier?

I think Benny has more of a Pug, than a Cav, temperament and attitude, although he is very loyal; he’s my little loyal mate, sitting with me when I’m in my garden working keeping me company.

Which breed do you think Bella is more like; Pug or Cavalier?

I think Bella has more Cav in her than Pug; she’s very smart, very clever. She takes to new things quickly and I have been told that she has the perfect disposition for training, but I like that she enjoys her freedom at playgroup in a leash-free park.

What is one piece of advice you would give a first time Pugalier owner?

You need to be home with your Pugaliers; it’s lucky I work close to home and can be home often. They love company and fret if you’re not around; they just love being around their humans.

Benny and Bella are definitely happier when we’re home with them.

Lynne on Gerald

What do you love most about Gerald?

That he is so intelligent; he could be the smartest dog I have ever known. I’ve never seen this level of intelligence anywhere else, especially noting that he can undo windows in the car and climb up onto the kitchen bench via set of shelves to get to food.

fawn male pugalier wearing a green irish hat

Which breed do you think Gerald is more like; Pug or Cavalier?

Although Cavalier’s are friendly and eager to please, Gerald could not “give a monkey’s” about other people, or dogs for that matter, but he is incredibly loyal and friendly to his pack which is very Pugalier like.

He does have the Pug stubbornness though and he does sleep like a Cavalier splaying out his body and legs on the floor to rest.

What is one piece of advice you would give a first time Pugalier owner?

Buy ear plugs for the snoring; Cav’s are known for their snoring and mix that trait with a Pug and you get a Pug-mix that snores like a human!  

He’s like an old man snoring at times, especially after playgroup when he’s recovering from all the days exertion and excitement.

It's fascinating that across our three Pugalier Supermodels, they each look and behave differently; each having something from both breeds influencing their unique personalities in different ways.

Do you have similar experiences with your Pugalier or a Pugalier in your Pug play group/circle of friends? Or are you looking for a Pugalier to join your fur-family?

We’d love to snuffle with you, so please add a comment below and share with us stories of your Pugaliers antics, and if you think they’re more Pug or Cavalier.

So, until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and look forward to snuffling with you soon.


From Donna, Winston and Charles

Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodels

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