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Where to go to get your daily dose of Pug whilst in isolation

Haylo Puggies,

As I write this, I am listening to the Hawks v Lions match (Aussie Rules Football (AFL)) on the TV because supporters were not allowed in the stands as a necessary precaution, and I do it with the knowledge that this will be the last game I see/listen too until at least May with the announced suspension of the season in line with new state lockdown precautions coming into effect in the next few days.

This type of uncertainty and ongoing changing of advice is something that I am familiar with being a two time veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and therefore also understand how it impacts a person's well-being and ability to maintain equilibrium. It's difficult to make plans let alone look forward to anything when you don't know what will happen next!

It's difficult to make plans let alone look forward to anything when you don't know what is happening from one day to the next! One of the things I do to give myself something to look forward to each day that I can control is to look at Pug videos and pictures. Their smooshy faces and belligerent attitude that we all know and love always puts a smile on my face and never ceases to lift my mood, helping me get through the worst of a crappy day. 

So I thought we would share with you some of the websites and social media accounts that are our "go to" when in need of a quick dose of Pug love to help lift your mood and get you through a crappy day ... or fourteen.

Social Media Accounts

Australian Pug Chat Facebook page

Australian Pug Chat (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1415847805396779/)

A Facebook Private Group that anyone can join as long as they honour the rules of respect and no selling. Members use the forum to gush about their Pugs, ask questions and share experiences for the benefit of other members.

We enjoy looking at the feed, photos and sharing with other like-minded Pawrents, but most of all, we love learning new things about the breed that we didn't know or had never considered previously. The members are super friendly and there is always something to read or join in with.

Australian Pug City Playgroup Facebook page

Local Pug Playgroups (https://pugparties.com.au/blogs/grumble-news/where-can-i-go-to-meet-socialise-with-other-puggies-and-hoomans)

We have written about Pug Playgroups previously and they all have Facebook and/or Instagram pages that you can join, with similar rules to the Australian Pug Chat page. 

The Pug Parties team and Supermodels are all members of various playgroups, and we love the community and support that our local groups provide. We have found that in times of need our local Pug Playgroup has been there for every member in one way, shape or form and the shared conversations on-line can be just what the doctor ordered after a "ruff" day.


Pug Village Forum page

Pug Village Forum and Chat room (https://www.pugvillage.com/forum/)

A fabulous free membership site that has loads of conversations and articles about everything Pug. You can chat with other Pug owners who have been around the leash-free park a few times, as well as have access to a comprehensive FAQ section and search function if you're looking for something specific.

The site is stuffed with great information and you can spend hours and hours reading or browsing about your favourite (Pug) topic!

Reddit r/Pug page

Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/pugs/)

Who would have thought you could gush about your Pugs on Reddit, but yes you can and I can admit that it is saved in my favourites. The r/pugs section is chock-a-block full of gorgeous, funny and quirky Pug pictures, posted by adoring pawrents and voted/commented on by Pug lovers everywhere!

I never thought that Reddit would be a place to find Pug lovers and Pawrents alike but the r/pugs section has 70+K members telling me that it is definitely a place to connect with like minded Grumblers and I always find myself in a better mood after a quick browse.

Pug Life Magazine page

Pug Life Magazine (https://www.puglifemagazine.com/)

We love Pug Life Magazine mostly for its articles about their Puggie readers and what entails the "Pug life" but the site gives you so much more than that.

Even if you don't want to read the articles or watch the videos (which are fabulous and a great way to spend an hour or two), the magazine covers are Pugtastic and well worth having a look at when you need a quick fix.

The Pug Diary website page

The Pug Diary (https://www.thepugdiary.com/)

The Pug Diary is another site that has some fabulous articles that we have enjoyed reading over the last few years; they're well written and thought out and we always come away with something valuable.

We also really enjoy reading about other Pugs (Australian and from other countries) that The Pug Diary interview and profile, and the beautiful pictures always put a smile on our face.

Pug Parties 

Pug Parties Grumble News Blog page

Don't forget that we share with our Grumble regularly and we will continue to do so as we believe Pug's are the best medicine for a fixing a crappy day!.

You can find us and our Pug Supermodels on Facebook and Instagram @PugParties and our Blog 'Grumble News'  (http://bit.ly/pugpartiesblog)

 Pug Parties Instagram Pgae

Thankfully we have the power of the internet to help manage our anxiety levels like never before and what better way to do that than to get your daily dose of Pug love and fun to put a "smile-on-your-dial."

We'd love for you to share with us what websites or social media accounts you use to help make a crappy day better, and why it makes you feel so good. Share with the rest of the Grumble in the comments section below, we love chatting with you and we always respond.

Until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and look forward to snuffling with you soon. 


From Donna and Charles

Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodel 

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