Two-team households; who do your Puggies support?

Haylo Hooman’s and Puggies,

For those of us that follow ‘footy’ in Australia the next couple of weeks are probably the biggest on the sporting calendar between AFL and NRL Grand Finals. There are sides to pick if your team hasn’t made it through, parades to attend and the all-important pies and cocktail saveloys to purchase for the hungry masses that will descend on this year’s Grand Final Party host house.

So, what happens when you have a two-team household that requires your Puggies to choose who they’re supporting in the regular season and heaven forbid it should happen, through the final’s series and into the Grand Final stand-off!

In my house, we had this dilemma and in the first year of Winston and Charles coming to live with us; Andrew and I had many a “discussion” over who the boys would barrack for. Plus, to make matters worse, my mother had sewn kerchiefs for the boys in both of our team colours as a welcome to the family present meaning that I didn’t even have the upper-hand by claiming that they boys couldn’t barrack for Andrew’s team because they didn’t have his team’s colours to wear on game day!

This was not a problem with my first Puggie Louis because he came with me to the relationship and therefore had already been indoctrinated into supporting ‘Mum’s team”. Something that Andrew was jealous of I am sure!

I can imagine that there are people out there who either think we’re crazy because to them it’s just a game / team and equally there are others nodding their heads having gone through the same process as Andrew and I in deciding what their Puggies should be wearing on game day. I did try the argument of whoever the boys love more gets to decide, but I had to give up on that idea pretty quickly cause I am sure Andrew would have snuck as many treats in his pockets as I was planning on doing prior to the ‘love test’ anyway.

We ended up coming up with a few ground rules as a way of ensuring a fair and equitable sharing of the boy’s support on game day:

  1. The boys can support the team that is playing on the day, which basically means the boys would be wearing their kerchief’s during my game and then change over for Andrew’s team when they played …thank god games are not played simultaneously! I suspect the boys are just happy to spend the time on the couch with both of us, but I’d like to think they enjoy watching the game as well
  1. When our teams are playing each other, the home side gets the boys support. What happens if home side lose the game? Then there is a speedy change of kerchief and the winner gets to celebrate (read gloat) with the boys for the rest of the weekend. I am happy to say that I have been able to “gloat” a little more than Andrew over the years.
  1. The above rules apply for finals and Grand Final as well ….. thankfully although we have faced off in finals a couple of times in the eight years we have had the boys, a Grand Final showdown has not eventuated yet! I’ll let you know when it happens and what transpired because if nothing else, I think it will be funny!

In a house of passionate “footy” lovers, having rules over who gets Puggie-support is important to maintain harmony between the Hooman’s and the Puggies; could you imagine if Winston was Andrew’s Puggie-supporter and Charles was mine or vice versa! Thankfully this is the only thing in our house that requires rules for the boys that ensures Puggie-Parent harmony!

Do you have a similar dilemma in your household, how did you manage it? Did you give your Puggie a choice or did you just assume that cause they love you the most (in your opinion) that they naturally barracked for your team, sitting on the couch with you barking and spinning whenever a goal was kicked.

I’d love to hear how it is with you and your Puggies; whatever code of footy you follow I am sure that you have had similar conservations as Andrew and I, and you also had to come up with some ground rules so that everyone got to enjoy the season. Please comment below or come on over to Facebook and Instagram and share.

So, until next week Puggies have a wonderful week and looking forward to hearing from you.


From Donna


Proud Pug-mum to Winston and Charles

Founder of Pug Parties

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