Who would have thought that 3M tape had so many applications!

Haylo Hooman’s and Puggies,

Like most Pug-lovers, my Instagram feed is full of other Puggie Insta accounts so that I get my daily (over)dose of Puggie pictures and news. So, a few weeks ago I saw a picture of a Puggie (who I think is adora(pug)able) with something on their ears that I had never noticed before.

Curious to see if there was an explanation for their change in appearance, I scrolled through the comments quickly and saw that other people had asked what was happening and I discovered that the Puggies ears had been taped. Having never seen nor heard of it before, I went in search of the answer on “Dr Google” and thought I’d share my findings with you this week.

What I discovered is that ear taping for Puggies is more common if you have a pure breed Pug and are wanting to show them; having only owned rescue Pugs has meant that I am slightly oblivious to the finer details of showing Pugs. It is reported to not hurt the Puggie but if the wrong tape is used, it can cause irritation to the skin of the ear (ref: urban pug).

Ear taping is legal because it’s not surgery, but the intent of the “procedure” is to try and mould the Puggies ear before 12-months (when colour and position become set) into a particular shape by holding the ear cartilage with tape for a period of time, usually a week, so that it settles into either a ‘button ear’ or ‘rose ear’ position (refs: urban pug and pug club).

Apparently, in accordance with petpugdog.com ‘The ear shape that a young Pug puppy has will be a strong indicator of the final adult ear set. However, if a Pug puppy has ears that stand out a bit (rose ears) these can eventually fall down to lie against the face (button ears). And, if a Pug puppy has ears that really stand out far from the face (flying ears), there is a chance that they may settle down to just expose the burr (rose ears). This, however, is by no means a guarantee.’

For those who don’t know the difference between fly, button and rose ears, the following pictures and guidance from Petpugdog.com will help differentiate:

Button ear. ‘The button ear on a Pug is one in which the ear folds forward, pointing toward the outer corner of the eye, and lying against the face. The outer ear canal is fully covered. This is the preferred ear shape in conformation shows.’

Rose ear. ‘The rose ear on a Pug is similar to the button ear in that it folds over, but the major difference is that the ear has a softer fold in which the ear stands out a bit and does not lie against the Pug's face. The burr on a Pug is the section of cartilage that forms a small bump on the outer ear canal, and this shows with the rose ear. This ear shape is accepted, but not preferred, in the show ring.’

Fly ear. ‘The fly ear, also known as the rose flying ear, is considered a fault with the Pug breed. The ear just barely folds, and the flaps extend far from the Pug's face. Though there is nothing wrong with a pet Pug having this type of ear set, this is a genetic trait that can be passed down and for this reason Pugs with flying ears should not be in breeding programs.’ 

I obviously wondered if this practice actually worked or not and found mixed reviews on-line in forums and in the articles I have referenced below. I even asked my Vet Specialist when Winston was in for his last check-up, and he personally didn’t agree with it or think that it would have any real effect on what he believed was a genetic trait. 

So, the jury is out on that one in my opinion and we’d love to know what you think or if you have had any success with the practice as we are really interested in learning more.

So, the jury is out on that one in my opinion and we’d love to know what you think or if you have had any success with the practice as we are really interested in learning more.

If like me, you’d like to learn more you can read a tutorial on taping pug ears’ from urbanpug.com or you can jump on YouTube and watch video tutorials on how to do it yourself; as well as have a look on the sites that I have listed below:





So, until next week Puggies have a wonderful week and look forward to seeing your adventures and photos on our Facebook and Instagram.


From Donna

Proud Pug-mum to Winston and Charles

Founder of Pug Parties

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