LIVIN' THE PUG LIFE SHOW Ep 20: Meet Cooper the Groomer

Haylo Puggies,

He's the Hooman-brother to Peppa and Odin, he's a Groomer and he's studying to become a Vet Nurse - is there anything Cooper can't do to be the pawfect Hooman to the Pug Community?

The bonus for us is that Cooper is going to talk all things Pug Grooming, dispel a myth or two and confirm or deny whether Pugs really are the worst breed for getting their nails clipped!

So grab a drink, cozy up on a comfy chair together and enjoy this weeks Episode where I'll be sharing stories with Cooper the Groomer:
I'd love to hear about your Pugs and your most treasured memories of them so please share them with us in the comments section. I love talking Pug and no Pug story is too short or too long for me cause we know you're Livin' the Pug Life too.

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Snuffles and Kisses,

Donna, Charles and Rosie

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Also, if you know a Pug Pawrent or two that might like to join in on the fun every Sunday, then please invite them to come and join us as we'd love to get to know them as well.

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