LIVIN' THE PUG LIFE SHOW Ep 7: Meet Willow, the White Blaze

Haylo Puggies,
Welcome to this weeks episode of the Livin' the Pug Life Show where I'll be sharing stories with Joanne about her little girl Willow.
"Joanne describes her Willow as a little Houdini who has figured out how to open gates and slip out of her harness without a moments notice, zipping away in a flash of black with a hint of white.
Willow is a Daddy's girl who gets blueberries and raspberries every night as her evening treatie and may also have an underwear fetish .... but we'll leave that story to Sunday nights show."
So grab a drink, cozy up on a comfy chair together and enjoy this weeks Episode:


I'd love to hear about your Pugs and your most treasured memories of them so please share them with us in the comments section. I love talking Pug and no Pug story is too short or too long for me cause we know you're Livin' the Pug Life too.
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Snuffles and Kisses,

Donna, Charles and Rosie

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