LIVIN' THE PUG LIFE SHOW (Ep38) with The Doggy Lady

Haylo Puggies,

I don't think there is a Pug alive who can't sniff out a treatie or snackie within a square kilometre of their house ... but do you think you could sniff out a teaspoon of vegemite in a room full of boxes like a REAL sniffer dog, like the ones you see on TV? Well if our guest Fiona is to be believed Puggies, you could be the next successful graduate of Sniffer School!

We'd love to see you Sunday night LIVE, and you can watch the Show with us one of two ways: 

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Watching LIVE means you can send comments directly to the Puggie on the Show and they'll be able to say 'Haylo' back, as well as answer any questions you might have about their Pug Life as well as enjoy reading about your Pug Life too.

Can't make it to the LIVE Show? Don't worry, watch the replay here: With so many options to watch the Show when you're ready there's no excuse not to kick back on the couch with your Hooman and enjoy some Grumble time at your leisure.

Plus, we really love to talk Pug so you can always let us know what you loved about this weeks Guest and can with us in the comment section below.

We hope to see you on Sunday at 7pm AEDST

Snuffles and Kisses

Charles and Rosie
Head Pug Super Models and Pug Life Show Co-Hosts

#livinthepuglife #livestream  @doggylady

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