PUG BAN; are we really eliminating Puggies from the Australian family

PUG BAN; are we really eliminating Puggies from the Australian family

Haylo Puggies,

you know you're a whole lot of dog and adora(pug)ble to boot no matter how you look or sound on a hot day; which is why when I see articles calling for the banning of Brachycephalic breeds because they're, well,  Brachycephalic I get really frustrated to say the least.

Earlier this month (Feb-2022) the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) was all over the news calling for 'any dog with a muzzle length less than a third of its skull length banned from being bred or shown because of the suffering caused on the animal.'


The AVA then went onto explain that 'it would be a "partial ban" on breeding. That is, dogs severely affected with brachycephaly, or affected at all with spinal deformity, should not be bred or shown'. The AVA (and the RSPCA) also called for changes in judging criteria for Show dogs like Pugs, changes to Laws that enforce breeders to disclose health issues on purchase of the dog, as well as changes in breed standards to discourage unhealthy expectations of breed features.

Upfront, as a Pug Pawrent to rescue Pugs I agree with the argument made by Dogs Australia in the article that, unregistered or backyard breeding, has caused a lot of health issues in the breed, that has necessitated the ongoing need for Rescue Groups to remove and rehabilitate Pugs who didn't get the care they needed from the "breeder" from the start or were sold to owners who were ill-prepared for the responsibility/expense of Pug-ownership. 

I also agree with the call by the AVA, RSPCA and Dogs Australia to clean up the breeding community/industry by expanding/introducing legislation to enable the relevant authorities the ability to enforce safe breeding practices and the readjustment of breeding standards back to healthy levels so that our Pugs can live their best lives with us for as long as possible.

What I don't agree with is the call for a blanket "banning" of breeds from Australia (or anywhere else for that matter) due to the irresponsible practices of a minority of the community; I'm unclear as to what banning Pugs (and other Brachycephalic breeds) in accordance with the definition provided by the AVA will achieve other than to deprive people of the companion that they want to have in their life.

How does banning the breeding and showing of Pugs resolve the underlying issue of poor breeding practices through lax or non-existent regulation and enforcement of ethical breeding practices. It appears to me that the recommended way forward is to take the path of least resistance, rather than fix the known problem (that doesn't just apply to Brachycephalic breeds) and stop unethical breeding practices Australia-wide.

It took years to get Oscar's Law enacted into Victorian State Parliament, effectively banning Puppy farming and the sale of puppies in stores in Victoria, and that is just one State.
Every State in Australia has differing levels of legislation banning (or not banning) puppy farming and the sale of puppies in stores; with one State still allowing puppy farming with little restriction.


Why does it take a team of volunteers like the team at Oscar's Law to fight the good fight, one State at a time? Why can't the AVA and RSPCA take a leaf from their book and attack the real issue and not focus on a small portion of dogs that have been on the wrong end of the lax breeding laws in Australia due to their popularity?

All I can say is that Oscar's Law is doing the hard work needed to fix the industry for the better and can use all the help they can get to make a difference for the future; for me, Oscar's Law is a "breeding ban" that I can get behind!

Our Pugs, like never before, fulfil the role of significant companion in our lives and all we want as Pug Pawrents is to do what is best for our Pugs well-being; even if that means spending thousands of dollars on surgery and medication to give them the best life they deserve.

So Hoomans, how about instead of banning the breeding of Brachycephalic breeds like our beloved Pugs, we get behind organisations like Oscars Law who focus on the underlying problem and not the "path of least resistance".

If you would like to know more about Oscar's Law and how you can get behind the cause that ends unethical breeding practices, pop over to their website HERE.

And if you'd like to read the full article that inspired my blog post, read it HERE.

We'd love to know what you think about the article and unethical breeding practices. Please share with the rest of the Grumble below as we'd love to chat with you, and we always respond.

Until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and look forward to snuffling with you soon. 

From Donna, Charles and Rosie

Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodels  


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AS an owner of 2 pugs they have the best personality possible I adore them. I fully support breed standard changing to having a longer nose like they did in the past if we can keep their lovely temperment. I feel showing should change to reward pugs that have longer noses honestly. I paid for airway surgery when I got mine for their comfort. Also with breeding, I don’t want to stop it just regulate it closely, seems this has become an issue world wide I really admire Germany with its work on the retro mop pug. If I had a choice Id buy one in an instant but of course none are available in Australia.


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