Pug Parties Grumble Showcase; meet Pug-mom Mandy and Pug-Siblings Frank & Daisy

Pug Parties Grumble Showcase; meet Pug-mom Mandy and Pug-Siblings Frank & Daisy

Haylo Hooman’s and Puggies,

As promised, we have a guest blogger from the Grumble this week and best of all, it’s not just the Puggie-parent sharing their Pug-life with us, but we also get to hear from the Puggies as well!

We are honoured to introduce Pug-parent Amanda and fawn adoptive-siblings Frank and Daisy from Mildura in Victoria, Australia who are also active members of the Pug playgroup, Sunraysia Pugs.

We asked if they could share with us their fur-family story, as well as some favourite memories together; so without further ado, we hand over the lead to Amanda, Frank and Daisy.

Hi, my name is Amanda, but everyone calls me Mandy, and I’m the proud mother of two pugs Frank and Daisy who have changed my life; they make me laugh every day and give us so much love.

Frank is my first pug; I always wanted a Pug and my dream finally came true when he entered our lives. He come from a breeder that breeds for showing (his father is a state champion) and there were two Puggies left when we travelled to meet them; Frank ran straight to us (like it was meant to be) and I believe we share a very special bond.

I fostered Daisy through Sunraysia Animal Rehousing group as she had found herself in the local shelter for the last time; she was a serial escape artist and her previous owner couldn’t keep her in. She was almost hit by a car on several occasions, so the family decided to sadly surrender her as they thought that was the safest option for her and contacted the rescue group directly to ensure she was saved.

Frank and Daisy were totally besotted by each other from the start. As soon as they met, they were kissing, playing, and sleeping together. Daisy has formed a beautiful connection to everyone in the household she is just so loving, and I am going to let you see for yourself by letting them introduce themselves.

Hi, my name if Frank and I am the baby boy of the family and I mainly play with my sister Daisy (we have other fur-siblings, Ruby and Annie). Daisy was staying at our house for a while but when she arrived; she looked a bit scared, almost lost, so I licked her face and ears, so she felt welcome. She seemed to like this and started to kiss me back, she even played chase with me. I knew I loved her straight away, so Mum said we could adopt her, I really wasn’t sure what that meant but she is still living with us so I’m very happy. I love treats, walks, and spinning like I learned at training.

Hi, my name is Daisy, and I don’t spin at all cause I’m quite laid back, but I do get excited at meal times or when we are going for a walk. Hanging out with my brother Frank is what I do the most; I love to sniff around, and I love the dog park. Mum says I put my nose down, bum up and head off until Mum is always calling me back. I also like to gossip with the dog next door, but Dad said we get to loud and need to stop sometimes.

Life is good in our household except when Mum and Dad have to go to work or somewhere on the weekend without us, as we miss them. But we get to go on a long walk most weekday mornings where we get to sniff and just hang out together, which is cool. On the weekends Mum and Dad will take us to the dog park, we meet up with other Pugs, Mum watches over us and will call us back if we go too far away from her. We are happy to come back as we get treats .. Mum calls it ‘positive reward’ but we don’t care what it’s called, it’s yummy!

Speaking of which, we’re off to play, so Mum can talk about us some more!

Hi its Mandy again. Stephen and I have learned that life is a lot of fun with our pugs. We still have adventures because our Pugs give us the inspiration to explore, to exercise and just get out there. We have even learned to vacuum more regularly from all the “Pug glitter” they leave behind but they are well worth it.

At least monthly we try to arrange a catch up with our Pug group at the off-leash park, it is lovely to talk to other Pug-parents and watch the Pugs interact, we even arrange birthday and Xmas parties; we are a real little community. On our Pug (Facebook) page we share lots of information that may help each other with our fur kids.

My husband and I try to take the Pugs on a couple of holidays a year. We have taken them to Pugs in the Pub (Walkers Arms, http://walkersarms.com.au/whats-on/pugs-pub-2019-fb-sq/ ), to West Beach, the Adelaide hills, Ballarat, Daylesford and Melbourne.

When on holidays in Adelaide we walked along Christies beach. We were at the section where dogs could be off lead and Daisy and Frank were running along but would stop to wait for us or we would call them if they got too far away. Whilst strolling, Daisy spotted a young family sitting in a shelter, the two young boys digging in the sand. She decided to run up and sit right in the middle of the family as if to say, ‘that’s it, I have had enough of those wet waves and sand, I will sit here with these lovely two boys instead.’ I had to go up and apologise to the family, but they were busy giving her pats and cuddles. Pugs spreading the love no matter where they are.

I wish I got a Pug sooner as they are just the best. I have loved Pugs from the first time I saw them on movies, but I don’t think our paths crossed for many years which is amazing since I was in rescue. I’ve always taken on the older dogs that needed extra care or the tiny puppies that were too young to be away from their mums or needed to help with their socialisation or have had genetic health issues.

Although all dogs are beautiful, we have fallen in love with the Pug breed and feel so privileged to be Frank and Daisy’s parents.

Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you and hope to meet you at a Pug playgroup or event soon.

Thank you Mandy, Frank and Daisy for sharing your life and adventures with us. Although we couldn’t share everything with the Grumble that you have told us over the last couple of weeks, we have really enjoyed getting to know you and can’t wait to see more of you in the future. 

So Puggies, would you like to tell the Grumble about yourself and your adventures? We would love to hear them and help you share them with the Pug Parties Grumble too. Please send us an email at admin@pugparties.com.au to let us know and we’ll be in contact.

Until next week Puggies have a wonderful week and don't forget to share your questions and comments with us below or on Facebook and Instagram; we're sure that Frank and Daisy would love to meet you!


From Donna

Proud Pug-mum to Winston and Charles

Founder of Pug Parties

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