PUG PAWRENTING CONFESSION: I lost my Pug at Play Group

PUG PAWRENTING CONFESSION: I lost my Pug at Play Group

Haylo Puggies,
If you’re anything like Rosie and Charles, you LOVE your weekly play group; lots of space to snuffle around in, lots of new smells to investigate … and then there’s the cuddles, pats and treaties that you get from your Grumble friends Hooman’s that make it all worth getting out of bed for.
I am certain that there are every type of Puggie at every play group around Australia; the Puggies that zoom around for the entire hour, the Puggies who move from Hooman to Hooman to get back and ear scratches and even a sneaky treatie, and then there are the Puggies that either run off in search of new Hooman’s and dog’s to play with or the Puggies that sneak off to wonder around checking things out further afield without their Hooman knowing.
Now, Rosie is the kinda Puggie that loves to walk around, check things out a little bit and then come back to check in with me. She never drifts off too far and she’s always on the lookout for when the treatie bag materialises from the Puggie Buggie. Charles is a stayer; he rarely moves away from my feet and his preferred position is in my (or one of his Aunties) arms getting a loooong cuddle. Charles is so predictable with his behaviour you might excuse me for losing him one day not too long ago at play group – he in a word vanished without a trace and without anyone at play group or the surrounding Reserve noticing.

 We’re really lucky with our play group location; it’s on a Native Reserve, so there are big open spaces that are dog friendly as well as bushland with meandering paths throughout that you can walk on leash and spend a lot of time snuffling around the many bushes and smells.
On this occasion, I was doing my usual catch-up with various Hooman’s I know at play group, thinking that Charles was standing no more than a foot away from my heels, patiently waiting for me to pick him up and give him a cuddle. It only felt like a few minutes since the last time I checked on him, but it must have been as many as 10 because I looked down and no Charles. It’s not unusual for me to then see him in the arms of one of his Aunties getting spoilt with cuddles and kisses, but when I looked around neither were cuddling him and I couldn’t see his little jacket covered body anywhere amongst the other Hooman’s and Pugs.
Up until this point, I wasn’t worried since it’s not entirely unusual for him to muster up the energy to go for a little wonder around the group, but not seeing him anywhere within about 60 seconds flicked the “SOMEONE’S TAKEN MY PUG!” switch and I’m starting to charge around the group calling him name and clapping my hands to get his attention – Charles is hard of hearing and clapping usually get his attention at home.
Once it became abundantly clear that Charles was GONE, and never to be seen again in my mind, everyone dispersed and started looking for him like it was their own Pug that had vanished into thin air. We went to all of the obvious places like the car park where we had parked and the paths in-between … no Charles … I’ll admit that I was really starting to panic at this point because if he had been taken by someone, I didn’t want to think about what they might do with him. I was also starting to think that I was going to have to call Andrew to tell him that I couldn’t find Charles, our Pug that never wonders off, and that I had no idea how he managed to do it under the noses of 10 Hooman’s.
As an aside note, I did tell Andrew when we got home safe and sound, and as you can imagine there were comments about me never being allowed to take HIS Pugs to play group again if I insisted on losing them!
Thankfully after another 10 minutes of searching, Charles was located wondering around a separate car park that is a fair way away (in Pug steps) from the play area; looking a little confused and a little annoyed that he couldn’t find what he was looking for … yes, I got a snort of disgust when my friend handed him over to me telling me where he had found him.

He managed to get there without anyone on the path noticing him ambling by (and there were a few on the path between the play area and the car park) and thankfully the car park was empty; I still shudder to think what would have happened if it was the busy one.

To this day, I cannot figure out why he decided to go off on his own and walk all the way to THAT car park. I have wondered if he was looking for me because he lost sight of me at play group for some reason, or was he looking for his brother who has been gone for 2 years but who I still catch him looking for at familiar places every now and again.

Charles may possibly be developing Doggie Dementia which would possibly explain some of the sudden wondering behaviour, but whatever his reason, Charles now sports a bright yellow winter jacket for play group and we all watch him like a hawk – just in case he gets the notion to go for another wonder without telling me first!
Now Puggies, I’d love to know if you’ve had adventures that have given your Hooman similar frights – did you wonder down the street to check out a new neighbour or did you decide that the fences where for sucka’s and head off in search of a new adventure?

I’d love to hear all about them so please share and reassure me that Charles is not the only one who can disappear like a professional!

Until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and look forward to snuffling with you soon. 


From Donna, Charles and Rosie

Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodels  


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