Fawn Pugalier smiling and rolling his tongue to the camera, sitting in front of a black and white striped cushion

Pugs; a whole lot of personality in a widdle package

Haylo Puggies,

how is your week going so far? Have you gotten in some sunbathing yet or are you snuggled up in front of the heater keeping warm? Both options are a pugtastic way to spend a your time, and I know that regardless of how you're keeping warm you're doing it like only a Pug can!
One of my first Vet's once said to me, "I love Pug's; they're a whole lot of personality in a little package," and he's not wrong. Those little demanding shedding ratbags barge into your life and your heart, and before you know it you're handing over your plate, your position on the couch, your lap whilst you're driving and your privacy in the toilet. Thank god they do it with that little face that is a mix of innocence and devilry all wrapped up in one look!

Female fawn pug pulling a blowfish face with a white female sitting behind her in an office

Picture: Rosie and I having fun at the desk during COVID lockdown

I have mentioned previously that one of my favourite parts of being a Pug-mom is discovering their personalities; the small or large part of them that makes them unique. Not just a Pug, but uniquely Winston (the Terror) or Louis (the Zen-master)!
But I am ashamed to admit that I wasn't prepared for my unintended bias when Winston and Charles came to live with Andrew and I a couple of years after we lost Louis; both Louis and Winston were black Pugs and I think I feel in love with Winston in part because of Louis. I can say now on reflection that it affected my relationship with Winston in the beginning because I had trouble reconciling that Winston was his own Pug; not Louis 2.0.
The greatest challenge for Winston and I in the early days, is that Winston had a very distinct personality compared to Louis but I was still expecting Winston to behave like Louis... yes, I even caught myself calling Winston 'Louis' and wondering why he wasn't responding. My poor boy must have been so confused.
Louis was a quiet, almost zen-like Puggie who followed me everywhere and just instinctively knew what I needed; lick of hello, face rub of love or a face sneeze to wake-up! Louis was my shadow, we moved in tandem, almost as one.
Winston on the other hand, was head strong, demanding and would only come to me when he wanted something which was usually food related; we would joke at play group that Winston was the child on the first day of school that got to the gate with their parents, saw something they liked and bolted off without saying goodbye. He was into everything and anything, and being picked up or cuddled for any length of time was just cramping his style, so not Louis-like.
You can imagine the conflict this caused, not to mention the impact it was having on Charles as well who was the cuddle-Pug of the duo but didn't fit the basic requirement of being Louis either. I am can admit that I was offended a lot in the early days by Winston's rejection of my affection (Louis never rejected it and now Louis 2.0 was!), and I am assumed to say that I didn't always appreciate the affection that Charles was so willing to lavish in his stead.
I could see their individualism and uniqueness reveal itself in front of my eyes every day, but not truly recognise it for what it was and is. 

fawn and male pugs dressed in Australia Day flag head bands smiling at the camera sitting on a red couch

Picture: Charles and Winston having fun on Australia Day a few years ago

It took for Andrew and other family members to comment that I clearly favoured Winston over Charles, and that I was a lot tougher on Winston than Charles to wake me up to my behaviour. Winston was being Winston, and Charles was being Charles, but I was expecting Winston to behave like Louis and I'm not sure what I was truly expecting Charles to behave like noting that he was the first fawn Pug I had owned.
Thankfully, the nudge I got from the family was enough to wake me up to my mistakes and do something about it before I lost the trust of my boys forever; it wasn't easy to begin with and I still made mistakes along the way. Who would have thought that it would be so easy to miss and mix up their "whole lot of personality" like I did.
Have you had similar experiences? What were the two personalities that you were missing and mixing up? I'd love to talk about it with you so please share below.
Until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and look forward to snuffling with you soon. 

From Donna, Charles and Rosie

Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodels  
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