Welcome to the Pug Parties store where we believe that

Your Pug deserves to be the best dressed at the Pawty

We understand your frustrations when shopping for your Pug and will continue to do whatever we can to provide you with clothing and accessories that our Pug Supermodels have tested and given their paw of approval on.

We will continue to provide free access to the SIZE MY PUGGIE tool that takes the guesswork out of finding the right size for your Pug first time, every time, and we will continue to provide you with advice and support on the dressing and shopping issues that matter to you the most through our Grumble Newsletter. 

Pug Parties is more than just great clothing and accessories; we are a true community of Pug lovers, and a portion of or profit is donated to Pug Rescue groups so other Pugs can find their fur-ever home.


We live by our values of:

Pugs come first – we never force our Pug supermodels to do something against their best interests, even if that means we have to cancel a photo shoot

Offer products with integrity – we do not put any product on the website without testing it with our Pug Supermodels first

Share our love of Pugs – support Pug Rescue organisations whenever we can and share our love of Pugs with our Grumble as often as possible

Do you have a question about our collections, a problem with the store, or you just want to gush about your Pug with someone you know, will not only understand, but loves to listen?

The please get in touch with us (haylo@pugparties.com), we’re happy to help you in any way we can and we love talking Pug ….. that includes Pug stories and pictures, so don’t be afraid to share those either!