How do you test the clothes and accessories to make sure they’re Pug-fitting?

When choosing products, we have a number of criteria that we check the product against including sizing, fit, quality and affordability. Once we have shortlisted products that we believe will fit our Pug Supermodels, we order product samples and test them out on Pugs of different sizes.

Our testing routine includes assessing the physical product against our original selection criteria, as well as Pug comfort when worn with a harness or when snoozing; things we know our Puggies love to do. If our Pug’s give us the paw of approval, i.e. they don’t try and tear the product off their body straight away, we offer it in our shop for our Grumble friends.

What if I’m looking for something specific and you don’t have it?

We are here to help, and we are more than happy to help look for that pawfect Puggie outfit you have in mind. You may not be the only Pawrent looking for that outfit and the Grumble would appreciate your suggestions as much as we will.

Contact us via or our social media accounts, tell us what you’re looking for and what your Puggies measurements are and we’ll go hunting for it.

You never know what we might find, and we will try our hardest to help you out.

What happens if what arrives does not meet my expectations?

Take a photo of the product/issue and please contact us via to let us know straight away. We want to get the issue/problem resolved as soon as possible and we understand that problems can arise at times.

We will review the issue/problem and contact you to discuss resolution, which could include a refund or a replacement product or another option.

Where do your clothes and accessories come from and how do you choose them?

Currently we source our products from manufacturers in South-east Asia; our long-term goal that we are working towards at the moment is to add products that we have designed and manufactured as well. We believe that we can offer products that give our Grumble friends the opportunity to enhance their wardrobe or create an entire outfit for your next party or event.