• The Vision

    We believe passionately that buying clothes and accessories for your Puggies should be exciting and fun.

  • The Mission

    To offer Pugs of all shapes and sizes clothing and accessories that reflect their personality and put the zoomie in their step when they’re wearing it.

  • The Goal

    To offer all Puggies fun, fitting, harness friendly clothing and accessories as sustainably as possible.


Meet the Crazy Pug Lady

Donna is a proud “Crazy Pug Lady” and has spent 20 years shopping for her fur-children Louis (a.k.a Fatdog), Winston, Charles and Rosie; learning the hard way how to find clothes and accessories that fit and reflected their unique pawsonalities.

Donna started Pug Parties because she knew that there were Pug-Pawrents out there wanting to showcase their Pugs pawsonalities, but didn’t have the time or money to buy, return and buy again clothing and accessories that do not meet their Pugs needs or shape.

Currently Pug Parties provides clothing and accessories from our trusted manufacturers. But we’re working towards designing and manufacturing our own collection of Puggie Pawfect clothes that will be given the four paws of approval by our Pug Super models and our loving snuffling customers.

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The Pug Life Show

Donna, Rosie and Kenji love making new Puggie friends so much that they host a Facebook Live Show called “Livin’ the Pug Life”, where they get to talk to Puggies and their Hooman’s about their Pug Life, and our viewers (Pug-pawrents) can comment and ask questions as well.

The Show and Facebook Group are a place where ‘Crazy Pug-Pawrents’ can meet and share their Pug Life without fear of being “Pug-shamed” if you have a Pug-cross, “Fat-shamed” if your Pug is nicely rounded, or any other type of ‘shamed’ because every Puggie is beautiful and every Pug-Pawrent is beautifully crazy.

We’d love to meet you so please join the Group, and watch/come on the Show.

Meet Rosie & Kenji

Donna, and her Partner Andrew, have been blessed with the love of three Rescue Puggies (Louis, Winston and Charles) and as well as the loving gift of Rosie from friends when Charles needed a friend the most.

They lost Louis to old age in 2009 and Winston to medical complications in 2020, and feel blessed to have had both in their lives.

Charles is their ‘grumpy old man’ who loves snuggles on the couch with Mum, and walks that start off with a “sniffari” and end with Mum pushing him in his Puggie-buggie.

Rosie is a Daddy’s Girl, who also loves the couch but prefers sitting next to Dad looking up at him with her Puggie-eyes waiting for Dad to give her a snackie or two.

Both hold the position of top Puggie Super Model as well as the paws behind the business.

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