12 gift ideas for a Lady Pug or Gentlemen Pug

12 gift ideas for a Lady Pug or Gentlemen Pug

 Haylo Puggies,

Shopping for your Puggies should be as fun as they are, and finding the next pawsome addition to their wardrobe just as easy.

So check out our 12 gift ideas for a Lady Pug or Gentlemen Pug, and have fun finding the next addition to their wardrobe ..... we definitely had fun finding these clothes and accessories ourselves!


We'd love to hear about your styling ideas, so please share with the rest of the Grumble below as we'd love to chat with you and we always respond. 

Until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and look forward to snuffling with you soon.  

From Donna, Rosie and Charles

Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodels  


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Guides to help with your Pug clothing shopping:

* Not sure how to measure your Puggie for that pawfect fit?
* Not sure how to use the SIZE MY PUGGIE tool?

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