Not sure if your Pug will fit our clothing or accessories? Don't worry, Pug Parties can provide the measuring advice you need.

This short guide will show you where to measure your Pug’s Neck, Length, Chest, Head and Height - making sure that we get the right size and fit starts with measuring our Pugs correctly:

Prefer to read the instructions? then check them out here.


The key point to remember is that your measurements don’t have to be exact, most clothing have a 2-3 cm variance, so you have some leeway.
Measuring your Pug can be difficult if you have a Pug who cannot sit or stand still for a few minutes, therefore it is highly recommended that you get help from someone who can hold your Pug whilst you measure.
Alternatively, if you don’t have help available you could put your Pug on a stable table or in the laundry sink to restrict movement whilst you measure.
Although getting all measurements are handy when choosing your Pug’s clothing and accessories, the priority order in which you should get your measurements is:

  • Chest,
  • Neck,
  • Length,
  • Height,
  • Head

As a general guide to measuring each position, have the tape measure ready between your two hands so that you can quickly and gently put it in place and measure by joining your two hands together, then holding the position that the tape end marks on the measurement with your thumb nail.
Once sure, drop the tape end and note down the number of centimetres marked on the measuring tape by your thumb nail.

To get an accurate neck measurement, remove your Pugs collar and use the area where the collar would normally sit around their neck as the general guide to where the tape measure should go.
For the length, start from the collar and stretch the tape down the length of your Pugs back until it touches the bottom of the tail.
To get an accurate chest measurement, use the area directly behind the front legs as the general guide to where the tape should measure.
For the head, loop the measuring tape into a circle at about the 35-40cm mark and sit on top of the head of your Pug to judge if it sits above the eye line and ears, adjusting the loop in or out as required to get the right fit.
And finally, for the height you’ll need to get your Pug to stand.
Start measuring from the collar and stretch the tape down the length of your Pug’s leg until it touches the ground.
We hope has been helpful in guiding you how to measure your Pug to then choose the perfect clothes and accessories for them.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact us on our social media pages or via email