Calling my Pug ugly is as offensive as calling me Fat!

Calling my Pug ugly is as offensive as calling me Fat!

Haylo Puggies,

How has your week been so far? Hopefully it has been one filled with cuddles and snackies.
You must be wondering why I called this post "Calling my Pug ugly is as offensive as calling me fat!"; what was it that sparked the "flash of Pug-mom indignation"?
Well it was a post on Facebook in one of the (many) Pug groups I am a member of ... I love talking to other Pug-Parents and I definitely love seeing pictures of their adorable Puggie faces living life like only a Pug can.
There was a lady who was new to the group and had been asked to share a picture of her new Pug Puppy and tell us a little bit about herself and her little cutie. This very excited and loving first time Pug-Parent shared with us that she was so happy to find people who understood what it was like to be a Pug-Parent because her own friends had not been so supportive, let alone excited for her.
They had called her beautiful little Pug Puppy ugly, and other variations to that word that we've all heard before, and that she was so upset about it that she had stopped sharing/gushing about her new fur-baby on her newsfeed for fear of further similar commentary.
Thank god she had stumbled over this particular Facebook Group (sometimes that algorithm does actually do something right!) and had requested to join a group of people that have walked in her shoes and prefer rolls, sneezes and squishy faces over anything else in the world! She had found her safe zone.
Fawn female pug standing on her hind legs staring into the camera checking it out
Picture: Yindi checking out the camera
For me, calling my Pug (or any Pug really) ugly is as offensive as calling me fat, but non-pug owners seem to think that they have the right to actively walk up to me, or message me, to share their unsolicited opinion!
I know that they would not appreciate me returning the favour; pointing to their child and telling them that it's the ugliest thing I've ever seen and why do they even have one.
Well, I own my Pug(s) because I love them, their wrinkles, snuffles, sneezes in the face, constant shedding of pug-glitter and eye boogers. They're the package deal that I have wanted since childhood and had the privilege of being a Pug-mom to for nearly 20 years.
At this point, I can guess that you're thinking to yourself, "I wonder what she says to people who do say it to her?" and I have to admit, depending on who says it and how they say it determines what I say or do ... that's not to say internally my first thought is to give them a tongue lashing that would make my Grandmother rise from the grave with a bar of soap in hand, but hey, I'm a Pug-mom!
Black female pug wearing a red tartan neck kerchief smiling into the camera
Picture: Neeoo showing her beautiful smile for the world
If it's a complete stranger I tell them that everyone is entitled to opinion but are not obliged nor welcome to share it with me as I don't care what they happen to think about my beautiful Pugs, and I walk away. Similarly, if it's someone on-line, I'll block them as I don't need that negativity in my life and I'm busy enough enjoying it with my Pugs to waste it with someone so offensive.
If it's a family member, that can get tricky especially if I do generally respect them. It's usually a sugar-coated (Willy Wonker would be proud!) version of the above message, with repeated negative comments about my fur-babies a trigger for a blunt conversation to ensure they understand the boundaries when it comes to my Pugs.
Thankfully, fur-families are becoming more and more common these days, and that sort of conversation is becoming less and less of a requirement; couple that with the play groups and Facebook Groups popping up and new/old  Pug-parents now have plenty of opportunities to snuffle with likeminded crazy pug people who understand and love to share.
I'm interested to know if you've experienced something similar? How did you handle it? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments section below
Until next time Puggies, have a wonderful week and we look forward to snuffling with you again soon. 

From Donna, Charles and Rosie
Founder of Pug Parties and Pug Supermodel 

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